Meet Shann

Hi, I’m Shann Nix Jones. Nice to meet you! ; ) I started out in San Francisco as a journalist, radio talk show host and city girl who couldn’t boil an egg. Then I came to Wales, that mythic land of castles, mist and magic. At the age of 41, I fell in love with […]

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Eat Good Fats

A word about good fats: Eat them! You will not be able to heal your skin properly without them. On the farm, we’re big fans of both good fats and natural dairy products. And goat butter is both. That’s right, real butter is good for you. Butter is a source of naturally occurring butyrate in […]

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Eat Slow-Burning Food

As far as your microbiome is concerned, sugar isn’t just the stuff that tastes sweet. Your entire system – all of the magic bugs that make up your body, your muscles, brain, heart and liver, driving all of the trillions of cascading actions that occur every second in your system – needs energy to work. […]

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Eat Goat Dairy

In the Western world, we tend to overlook goat’s milk in favour of cow’s, which is a shame, because goat’s milk is nutritious, healthy, and fabulous for both skin and gut. In fact, after conducting a study into the nutritional characteristics of goat’s milk, a group of scientists at the Department of Physiology of the […]

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Use Stevia Instead of Sugar

Let’s talk about something that you really need to let go of if you want to heal your skin condition: sugar. Why? Quite simply, sugar kills the good bugs in your microbiome. Professor Cynthia Kenyon from the University of California, one of the world’s top researchers in the field of aging, experimented with giving glucose […]

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